Curble Chair - Posture Corrector

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Why the Curble Chair?

Curble Chairs are designed for students and office staff who spend longer hours in their chairs. Spending much of your day in a seated position puts stress on the muscles and discs of your back and neck, leaving your spine sore, stiff, and in pain. Reducing the pressure off your spine is the key for good posture. Curble Chairs are carefully designed to enable you to maintain natural curve of your spine for better posture.

Which Curble Chair is right for you?

Curble Comfy offers fantastic support! The backrest of the Comfy model offers softer tension than the "Wider" model. It is designed to supports the tailbone of the user predominantly while allowing the thighs to rest naturally on their chair. Compared to the "Wider" model, the seat of the Comfy model is flattened and has less spherical angle. Those who are first-time users of Curble Chairs will find the Comfy model is very comfortable. The Comfy model is recommended for those who believe they have bigger hips and thighs, children who need posture supporter.

Ideal for office staff and students who spend extended periods of time in a seated position. Also useful for users that have forward head posture and/or slouched posture with their shoulders rolled forward.

Curble Wider is an extremely durable chair that is manufactured in one piece by way of injection mold process. The lumbar support allows the users to sit for long periods of time without feeling any fatigue or discomfort. The firm plastic backrest supports your back with just the right stability. The seat is 5cm (2inches) wider than the "Comfy" model and raised up by 35 degrees making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position. The backrest wraps the user's back in an arched shape, and the seat edges are lifted to push the user's hips together. 

Ideal for advanced users, office staff and students, who require extra posture training with firmer backrest. Also useful for users who fit naturally inside the specially designed seat with its raised edges pushing the users hips together.

Curble Kids helps to encourage better posture habits in children. Children today are exposed to a lot of digital devices and spend a lot of time sitting at school. Good posture should be developed as they grow. The correct amount of muscular tension can even improve a child’s focus and promote increased brain activity as well as improved digestion.

Ideal for Children under 12 years old. Curble Comfy and Curble Wider recommended for children over 12 years old.