DRI Sleeper® Excel Bed-Wetting Treatment Alarm

DRI Sleeper® Excel is effective in successfully treating bed-wetting in up to 90% of children over the age of 5 years. It is the only method proven to treat bed-wetting successfully long-term. It is also used by adults.

The DRI Sleeper® Excel enuresis alarm works by having the unique, patented UrosensorT™ placed inside the underwear or inside a minipad which is attached inside the underwear. The UrosensorT™ is then plugged into the alarm unit. The alarm is triggered with the first drops of urine on the UrosensorT™ to waken the user.

Over a period of weeks the user's brain is being trained by the alarm to wake more and more quickly to increasing bladder pressure. The result is that the user learns to wake spontaneously before wetting starts. Successful users then quickly progress to the normal mature pattern of mostly not needing to go to the bathroom at night.