Prevail® Stretch Fit Comfort Supreme™

Prevail StretchFit Comfort Supreme is an innovative product designed for maximum incontinence absorbency and protection.
  • Stretchy side panels are easy to grab, pull, and attach for an adjustable fit that is secure, comfortable, and better sized.
  • Soft breathable cloth like outer fabric is more comfortable and reduces the risk of skin irritation from traditional plastic backed adult incontinence products.
  • Ventilated areas allow air to reach the wearer, helping maintain skin wellness and comfort by reducing heat build up.
  • The entire outer cover of the diaper is a refasten zone for easy lock fasteners that grip and hold without being sticky.
  • Odor Guard designed to help prevent odors from forming.
  • Skin Smart Fabric - a hypoallergenic material made with Vitamin E and the natural botanicals Aloe and Chomomile.
  • For maximum plus incontinence absorbency and protection.