Revitive IX Circulation Booster


Revitive IX Circulation Booster may help improve circulation to help reduce swollen feet and ankles.

Revitive IX Circulation Booster may also help relieve tired, aching and heavy legs.



-          Relieves aching feet and legs

-          Reduces swollen feet and ankles

-          Improves circulation

Symptoms of poor circulation

-          Cold hands and feet

-          Muscle cramps

-          Tired, ‘heavy’ or aching legs


-          99 intensity levels to suit each individual’s needs

-          WidePulse waveforms for more comfortable stimulation

-          IsoRocker which causes the device to rock back and forth whilst electrical pulses are simultaneously causing the calf muscles to gently tense and then relax

-          15 variable waveforms i.e. 15 different wave patterns to ensure muscles contract more effectively throughout each session.

-          Electrode Body Pads to target other areas of the body such as the back, shoulders and arms. 2 pairs of TENS body pads included in Revitive IX

-          Remote Control operation to ease of use.

Simple and Easy to use

1. Sit down and place both bare feet on the footpads
2. Use the remote control to gradually increase the strength (i.e. intensity level) of the electrical pulses that trigger muscle action.  Intensity level can be set from 1 up to 99.
3. You will feel tingling or ‘pins and needles’ sensation.  Continue increasing the intensity level until you feel and see strong, comfortable tensing and relaxing of your calf muscles.
4. The IsoRocker system will allow your feet and ankles to rock back and forth on the device to provide a heal-toe movement
5. Session will typically last 20-30 minutes. 
6. Use regularly to gain maximum benefit

How Revitive works

Revitive Circulation Booster is an electrical medical device which uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to contract and relax the muscles which in turn increases the blood flow to the legs and feet.

Included in box

-          Revitive IX Circulation Booster device
-          2 pairs of Revitive TENS body pads
-          Remote control


Revitive should not be used by people:

-          Fitted with and electronic implant such as a pacemaker or AICD

-          Being treated for or with the symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

-          In the first trimester of pregnancy

Do not use the Revitive device, Revitive TENS Electrode Body Pads or Revitive Circulation Gloves on or near:

-          Open, broken or bleeding skin – dress any open wounds before use

-          Tissue bleed (internal and external)

-          Epilepsy – do not use the TENS Electrode Body Pads on the neck area

-          Malignancy (tumour)

-          Eyes

-          Testicles

-          Infected tissue (including Cellulitis)

Always read the label.  Use only as directed.  If you are uncertain about the cause of your symptoms or if your symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.