Achillotrain Ankle Support Brace


The AchilloTrain ankle support effectively provides relief to the Achilles tendon and heel of the foot.

The AchilloTrain ankle support features a heel wedge cushion that lifts the ankle to relieve strain on the Achilles tendon and effectively absorb shock upon ground contact. A separate heel cushion is provided for the unaffected leg to offset the lift difference.

Similar to the AchilloTrain Pro, the AchilloTrain ankle support features a massaging gel pad that runs along the Achilles tendon. This gel pad massages the tendon area during movement to reduce swelling and provide pain relief.

The AchilloTrain Ankle Support is ideal for treating Achilles pain, heel pain and Achilles tendinitis located closer to the heel of the foot. For Achilles tendon support further along the tendon and closer to the calf muscle, we recommend using the AchilloTrain Pro Ankle Support.

  • Anatomically optimal shape
  • Breathable material
  • Promotes circulation


  • Achillodynia (paratendinitis, tendinitis, Achilles bursitis e.g. in Haglund's deformity)
  • Follow-up treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures