Lumbo Sensa, Lumbar Support, Male Version

At a glance
  • Supports sensorimotor functions
  • Promotes muscular stabilisation of the lumbar spine
  • Supports an anatomically correct posture
  • With SKINGUARD Technology: antibacterial, odour-inhibiting, breathable
  • Three-dimensional flat-knitted fabric with integrated corset stays
  • Straight and waisted cuts
  • Breathable support with proprioceptive effect
  • Machine washable
Lumbo Sensa Active Support is a knitted lumbar spine support for posture correction and increased circulation. This brace is suitable to support conditions such as low back pain, muscular insufficiency in the lumbar spine, irritation of the SIJ. 3D flat knit fabric moulds to natural body contours and creates specific compression zones. Skin guard technology is antibacterial, odour inhibiting and skin-friendly. 

Lumbo Sensa is available in straight (Male) and waisted (Female) styles. For sizing, measure waist circumference.