Lumbo Sensa, Lumbar Back Support, Female Version

At a glance
  • Supports sensorimotor functions
  • Promotes muscular stabilisation of the lumbar spine
  • Supports an anatomically correct posture
  • With SKINGUARD Technology: antibacterial, odour-inhibiting, breathable
  • Three-dimensional flat-knitted fabric with integrated corset stays
  • Straight and waisted cuts
  • Breathable support with proprioceptive effect
  • Machine washable
The Lumbo Sensa active support is used to treat back complaints such as lumbalgia/lumbar ischialgia, muscular imbalance, or degenerative changes to the lumbar spine. It promotes sensorimotor functions, activates muscular stabilisation, ensures an anatomically correct posture, and relieves the lumbar spine.
The support has a proprioceptive effect and stabilises the lumbosacral transition. It also has a massaging effect, improves circulation, and promotes muscle function. This provides noticeable relief of built-up tension and effective pain relief.
Donning the Lumbo Sensa is easy and comfortable thanks to the continuously adjustable closures with grip pockets. The waisted shape of the Lumbo Sensa women is fitted specifically to the shape of the female pelvis. Due to the innovative three dimensional flat-knitted fabric with integrated corset stays, the support adjusts optimally to the anatomical shape of the wearer.

  • Lumbalgia
  • Lumbar ischialgia
  • Myostatic insufficiency / muscular imbalance
  • Lumbar spine degeneration
  • Spondylarthrosis / Facet joint syndrome
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Iliosacral joint irritation