Lumbo Direxa Stable


Special Features:

  • Dorsal height: 28 cm, 
  • Height of front closure: 17 cm.
  • Breathable material.
  • Closure with easy-to-use loops.
  • Adjustable compression with elastic straps.
  • With four individually adjustable metal splints and two coil springs.

Provides support for the following complaints:

  • Moderate to severe low back pain, sciatica,
  • Myostatic insufficiency/muscular imbalance of the lumbar spine,
  • Moderate to severe degeneration of the lumbar spine,
  • Intervertebral disc protrusion L4-S1,
  • Stabilisation after discectomy L4-S1,
  • Stabilisation after spinal fusion L3-S1,
  • Aftercare of traumatic or osteoporotic fractures L3-L5,
  • Stabilisation of the osteoporotic lumbar spine L3-S1,
  • Moderate to severe irritation of the sacroiliac joint,
  • Slight to moderate spondylolisthesis L3-L5.

How the Lumbo Direxa Stable works?:

  • Stabilises (high degree of stabilisation) and relieves the lumbar spine,
  • Supports sensorimotor function and activates muscular stabilisation,
  • Stimulates blood flow and muscle function,
  • Relieves pain