Omo Neurexa Plus Shoulder Orthosis


The Omo Neurexa Shoulder orthosis is an effective aid for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from shoulder pain after a stroke or injuries to the central or periph- eral nervous system. Omo Neurexa offers effective pain relief by correctly positioning the arm without restricting movement.


  • Supports & centres the shoulder joint, corrects subluxation & internal rotation
  • Stabilizes the shoulder
  • Reduces pain
  • Facilitates active rehabilitation such as gait training
  • Permits free use of arm
  • Impedes pathological movement patterns
  • PCM (Phase Change Material)l; a temperature regulating material; soft & comfortable
  • Individual adjustment possibilities


Shoulder pain and dysfunction (including subluxation) following:

  • a stroke
  • a hemiplegia
  • a cervical disc prolapse
  • brachial plexus injuries
  • peripheral nerve damage etc.