Omo Neurexa Shoulder Orthosis


• The large surface coverage influences the proprioceptors which has a positive effect on the sensorimotor system
• No requirement to remove during movement training on the shoulder and arm
• Made of temperature-regulating material that counteracts heat development and extends the
product's daily duration of use
• High user compliance due to the soft and comfortable material
• Soft edges means no chafe problems
• Different colour press buttons to simplify application
• Optional muscle stimulation pad in silicon
• Machine washing at 104 °F (40 °C) is recommended

Shoulder pain and dysfunction (including subluxation) for example after stroke, cervical disc herniation, peripheral nerve damage, etc.

Omo Neurexa supports the shoulder by centering the humeral head of the upper arm, which is kept precisely inside the shoulder joint socket. The user’s body posture and balance improve through enhanced sensorimotor control and support of the shoulder joint and arm. The user is able to concentrate more on walking instead of worrying about the affected area, hence the gait pattern is improved.

The arm is also slightly outward rotated and extended in the orthoses which counteracts the development of the typical spastic pattern consisting of flexion with internal rotation. Stimulation of specific weakened muscles is possible by the use of an additional silicon pad. Pain is often reduced and already developed subluxations can decline.

The orthosis influences the proprioceptors which positively affect the sensorimotor system.